Semalt: How To Eliminate Bot Traffic From Google Analytics

Have you noticed the number of bots interfering with your site is increasing exponentially? If your answer is "yes," Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, will help you to cope with this problem! As any web platform, Google Analytics is powerless to spam and bot activity, which influences practically every site. In fact, it is an issue that is turning into a real headache for online advertisers.

What Is Bot Traffic?

In Google Analytics, the term "bot activity" is used to describe the site under the attack of malicious bots and robots. Such activity malicious activity on a website, can significantly reduce its overall performance and affect its content.

How to distinguish Bot Activity in Google Analytics?

Here is a step by step instructions to spot bot activity in Google Analytics:

  • Click on Acquisition placed in the left-hand section, at that point click Channels and All Traffic. Then go to the Default Channel category section of the report and click Referral.
  • Do you know the majority of your referral sources? If your answer is no, and they don't look significant to your venture, this may be the primary piece of information to depict that this is a bot traffic. At the bottom of the page click "show rows" to get the full rundown of referrals.

You ought to track your spam following the directions depicted in the rules above, yet just to make you more acquainted with the most renowned spammers, we have assembled a few cases for you:


How to overlook Bot Activity in Google Analytics?

Until the Google settles this issue, there are a few alternatives you can consider meanwhile.

  • One of the best ways to cope with the issue described is to create channels that stop specific bot or bots that are adversely affecting your data.
  • Make a rundown of the considerable number of areas and subdomains you are following in Google Analytics.
  • Another alternative that you can execute is to input everything into Excel sheets and obtain the information that you require.

The last but not the least option is to ensure that bot traffic is not impacting your Google analytics information. Adding channels is the best approach to execute it. Just follow these tips, and you will never face again with the problem described above!